Art Huxtable Returns

Yo whatup whoever is reading, been 5 years. I’ve been out and about. Lot’s changed. Too much to write about all in one go. And it’ll be more fun as shit comes out piecemeal. Couple little bullet points:

-Got married. Like a while ago actually. Going on 5 years. Shit’s dope. Yeah, same dude writing about Tinder is married now. To a chick he met off Tinder, by the way. I’d say I won at that Tinder shit.

-Worked an office job for a few years. Miserable. Left that shit.

-Started a little real estate company. That’s going swimmingly.

-Had several run-ins with the law and several hospitalizations. Emerged victorious always.

-I know I talk a lot about drinking and drugs and shit like that 5 years ago. I’m sober aside from weed and hallucinogens now. Also self-diagnosed bipolar, studied it a lot, and started acting accordingly.

-Taken some trips. Where the fuck I been to? Off the top of the dome, since I got bored and left this blogging shit (which I was barely in to begin with, let’s be honest), we’ve gone a bunch of spots in the U.S. (Colorado and Texas were favesies. Florida is trash, Seattle is really dope too, Portland is a fucking toxic wastedump), went to Canada, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Alaska is basically another country so Imma put that over here and it was Most Dope (RIP Mac ), Singapore, South Korea, we’re in Japan now, and headed to New Zealand and Australia next). I’ve been posting to various little alcoves I chill at on the internet and decided to just aggregate it all here.

-I decided I’m start a rap career. I’ve always loved the shit out of rap music. In high school, this Mexican kid Cisco and myself started a little rap group. We made like 15 songs maybe before we sort of parted ways. Honestly, he was a lot more committed to it than I was. He’s come over with really good beats he made himself and all his verses written and I’d just write 3 or 4 verses on the spot in like 30 minutes and record. So I can’t blame him for moving on more or less.

The tragic part is that the shit we did make was pretty good, pretty fun, and I deleted any trace I could find of it back when I decided I was going to be this suit-wearing high finance dude and nobody could know this side of me. For a while now, I’ve been a lot more open about all aspects of myself and don’t really give a shit. But those songs are gone and I can’t get ahold of Cisco. I’m still trying. I did get drunk one night like 5 years ago, right around the time I started blogging for the first time, and wrote and recorded 2 songs in a night.

Look, it’s not good at all and I have no idea what I’m doing on the technical side and I’m pretty gone by the recording of the second one. I actually don’t even remember recording that. But there it is. That’s not the point. The point is I had a lot of fun with it.

We took a trip to Austin a few months ago. It was dope and there was so much cool art. I’ve always fancied myself a creative person and always wanted to explore that more. After Austin, I started painting a bit. This trip through Asia is a lot less inspirational on the art side, but it is giving me time to think and motivating me to switch shit up. So I’m going to be writing more and making music and whatever else I want.

It’s a double-edged sword because I’m not that dude anymore who was blogging about Tinder 5 years ago. I disagree now with a lot of what I wrote then. I’ve changed my mind on a lot of shit. I stand by more of it than you’d think still though. Most importantly, it’s just fun to be as honest as possible and show a little vulnerability and just see where life takes you. So that’s sort of what I’m trying to do here.

Right, back to the double-edged sword bit. My point is I have a lot of obligations and responsibilities now. So I can’t like run off and do some starving artist shit. But at the same time, it’s a huge privilege. I have a very high degree of control over my own time and surroundings. I think I can be successful in business as well as in creative pursuits. In business, success is easy to measure. In creative shit, I thankfully don’t have to pay the bills with art. This shit is just fun for me. So success is self-defined in that area.

Alright, I think I’m out of shit to say. All that old shit I re-posted from my old blog, Anything after this post is either new shit or shit I’ll copy paste from forum posts or whatever I wrote in the last year or so. So uh, yeah, stay tuned, I guess. Or don’t. Live your life, friendos.

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