Art Huxtable’s 2014 World Cup Bracket

Originally Posted: Thursday, June 5, 2014

Do I think the United States of America will win it all? Of course not. But fuck you if you don’t root for your home country.

Goldman’s money is on Brazil:

Goldman is comprised of risk-averse, traitorous needledick bitches who would shoot poison darts at their mothers’ necks for a 3% bonus hike. The insurmountable amount of shit these guys ate in high school has turned them into soulless, spreadsheet-pumping machines that feed on prestige, mediocre cocaine, and hippie tears.

You root for your fucking home country. If you don’t like your home country, you move to a country with an ideology that aligns with your own. If you live in a shithole and can’t get out (I see you, my seven Argentinian and Kazakhstanian readers), you do everything in your power to change your country.

My fellow Ukrainians were unhappy with their Mafi-run, Putin-influenced government. They did something about it. The younger generation of the entire Arab world was fed up with being oppressed. They did something about it. These people acted to advance humanity. They want their kids to live better than they do. They’re willing to do something about it. Fuck you if you aren’t. Go sit in a closed garage with the engine running.

Fuck Bloomberg too:,0,-1

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