On “Race,” Ethnicity, & Culture

Do you think there were any Jews sitting in concentration camps talking about how they must be careful not to put all Nazis in a bucket? Or do you think they were pretty confident that what was happening was an atrocity? Racism is a stupid word because we’re all one race. We are the Human race. Race is an unscientific word which is synonymous with the scientific term, “species.” If two organisms can interbreed and produce viable (able to procreate) youth, then they are of the same species. National boundaries are drawn by men and have no scientific bearing. With that said, it just so happens that a lot of those boundaries have existed for long enough that people within them have developed genetic and cultural differences. Physically, those genetic differences are minute. They essentially amount to variances in pigmentation based on distance from the equator, size adaptations suited to their environment and diets, and immunological differences which can be advantageous in one environment and disadvantageous in another (i.e. black people with sickle cell being partially protected from malaria).

What’s a lot more significant are mental differences. Here’s a fact: It takes significantly more intelligence to survive in a cold climate than in a warm climate. Subsequently, people who had to survive in cold climates selected for intelligence and adaptability. That’s not the only factor at play. Ashkenazi Jews have had to adapt to hostile new cultures and environments their entire existence. They subsequently have, on average, the highest IQs of any other group on Earth. Australian Aboriginals have the lowest. We can bring IQ into question – and we should. Because it’s a garbage measure of intelligence, which isn’t even defined by the way – nor can it be because we Humans haven’t even begun to understand how our own minds work. We know more about deep space and our Oceans’ depths than we do about our own minds, which isn’t saying much. IQ was developed to screen out British school children with learning disabilities. It was never intended to measure upper-ends of intelligence. Furthermore, to argue that spatial, artistic, social, etc. intelligence is irrelevant is asinine. With that said, it’s the best measure we have. And by that measure, Jews are the smartest and Australian Aboriginals are the dumbest.

That’s on average. Intelligence is distributed along a bell curve across all ethnicity. There are some very stupid Jews and I’m sure there are some very bright Australian Aboriginals. What can we look at if we want to turn away from IQ? We must look at results. Does anyone have a better idea? The fact is that you can drop a small group of Jews anywhere in the world and they will be successful in all measurable ways within a generation or two. The same can not be said for Central-South Africans or Filipinos. African IQ declines gradually as we move from North to South. A vastly disproportionate amount of renowned scientific and artistic work has been done by Eastern European Jews who have Ashkenazi genes and whose ancestors also survived harsh climates. Coincidence? Maybe.

So that’s ethnicity. Culture is totally separate from ethnicity – it is, again, man-made. It is the product of everything a group of people are and everything they go through throughout the generations. When a new nation emerges that is genetically very similar to another one, they frantically try to create a unique culture of their own. I.e. South Koreans trying to differentiate themselves from the rest of Asia, Singapore, etc. It usually comes out as a hodgepodge of slightly differentiated nonsense. Interestingly, American black culture is highly derived from white Southern culture, but with a drastic turn away from its puritanical roots. It values traditional masculinity, but places a lot more emphasis on immediate gratification. Understandably so. Southern hick culture is similar in many ways. Disparaged groups of people who did not have the opportunity to invest and had no hope of passing wealth on to their children, who were not even sure there would be a tomorrow for them, who had hard lives – they had to eek what enjoyment they could out of life whenever they could.

From where I’m sitting, these are all observable facts. People these days like to argue that the world is what they would like for it to be rather than what it is. I’m not interested in arguing with these people.

Here is the interesting question I’ve been working up to: At what point does culture turn into a cult? Or vice versa? Germany went through two world wars. They were left in shambles after the first one and a strong feeling of discontent seeped into their culture. We all know how that ended. People these days like to argue that all culture is valid. Culture is essentially just a group of people getting together and doing things a certain way. If a man starts fucking babies in a civilized culture and people find out, he is thrown in prison or executed. If ten people do the same, they suffer the same consequence. If 100 people form a compound in Nevada and fuck babies, we call it a baby-fucking cult and then we throw them in prison or execute them. If we find out indigenous South Africans have been fucking babies for a long time now, some people might call that a part of their culture. If we research geisha culture in Japan and learn that these women (girls, actually) are essentially sold into sex slavery by their parents and are being raped regularly by age six, we let it slide because sushi is delicious. Culture is not a real thing. It’s just a word we ascribe to group behavior. Actions are real. Results are real. Culture is simply an interpretation of the aforementioned.

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