Earbud Walker Talkers!

Do you enjoy a brisk walk? Do you enjoy multitasking by making calls on your brisk walks? Does the treacherous wind make it sound like you’re taking calls from under a passing train? Artie got the fix for you!

In audio recording, you use pop filters to get rid of the abrasive sounds made by rapidly rushing air generated by one’s mouth hitting the microphone. You can apply the same principle to wind and the mic on earbuds. I use these Panasonic earbuds. I’ve been spending significant portions of my days with earbuds in for years now and have gone through a lot. For starters, I won’t buy expensive earbuds that leave the house because it’s a matter of time before I lose them. I also won’t buy expensive sunglasses for that reason. These are the best earbuds with a mic I’ve found under $15.

Not an affiliated link, but if anyone knows how to set that up, holla atcha koala ’cause everybody on the block knows Goldie about the residuals.

So you cop some of those. And then while you’re at it, you cop a packet of these shits:

They’re for like newscaster studio mics or whatever, but just get those.
They come in and you just poke a tiny hole with a paperclip or a key in the end that doesn’t have a hole. Feed your earbud through so it exits out the wider end and let the wider end sit on the earbud mic.
BAM. You’re done and it’s cheap and now you can walk around on windy days and make calls and nobody will even know you’re outside.

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