Carnivore Diet (& other stuff) Experience Thus Far

I took yesterday off coffee, did a lot of chilling in the evening, slept well, had coffee this morning, and now I’m hype. Gonna catch the fire while it’s there. My mind is racing so bear with me through this disorganized mumbo jumbo. I’ll keep going until the energy fades and I start my actual […]

Trick-Or-Treaters – Pesky Seasonal Beggars

As Halloween approaches, I ponder the concept of trick-or-treating. Halloween. Hallow’s Eve. I don’t know much about it. I could do a quick Wiki and pretend I do, but I don’t and I don’t care to either. Some assholes a few hundred years ago who believed in witches or some shit got together and did […]

The Story Of Igor: Daddy Issues, Addiction, & How Artie Stole His Pills

This isn’t much of a story. It doesn’t have much of a beginning or much of an end. The protagonists aren’t all that sympathetic. And I can’t think of some grand take-away. Maybe you can. But I did have a dream about this guy last night. We haven’t spoken in probably 13 years. I’m up […]